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Length of Earth's Day and Night (371KB)

example: Atwood's Inclined Plane (18.8KB)

Centripetal Acceleration

Projectile motion

Projectile Range

The Monkey and the Hunter

Newton’s Cannon

Kepler’s Laws


Oscilations and Waves:

Simple Harmonic Motion

The Doppler Effect

Shock Waves

Standing Waves

Heat engines:
The 2 Stroke Engine (17.0KB)
The 4 Stroke Engine (25.4KB)
The Stirling Engine (43.0KB)
The Carnot Cycle

Electric field around an Oscillating Charge
Object Image Relationships for a Convex Lens (22.8KB)
example: Virtual Object for a Two Convex Lens System (7.00KB)
Double Slit Interference
Double slit phasors
Multislit phasors
Quarter Wave Plate / Circular Polarization


The Science of the Silicon Solar Cell - (You will need to download all of these files and keep them together in the same folder. Do not change their names - they link together through "Introduction")

        introduction      bohratom          multielectronatoms           covalentbond           electronsnholes        doping      pnjunction         siliconsolarcell

The Michelson-Morley Experiment
Time Dilation
Length Contraction
Clock Synchronization
Clock Synchronization in Moving Reference Frames