From: Ron Foster
Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:02 AM
Subject: Plateau Photos
Okay Everyone,
The FTP site is set up for all of us to download and upload photos from the trip. Tonight I will put mine (including some not seen on the slide show) and the one's that I got from Eric, Alex Barminski, Ryan, Bill and Rebecca.
In order to use the FTP site, you probably need to download software and it is free and easy. I recommend using Filezilla. I have attached directions to do this.
If you have trouble or any questions, please email me. If you want to share music, feel free to do so also. I will put an Amos Lee album that I think some people will enjoy.
IMPORTANT NOTE: this site will be available for only 45 days!! Please copy and post files soon so that you and others don't miss out!
For the FTP site:
Host name:
Password: plateau
Thanks for the great trip everyone!
Cheers, Ron Foster