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Daily Scoop!

Tracy Curry Daily Scoop
(Daily descriptions summarizing the adventures for the day)

Day 4, Woke up to the songs of Erin playing his guitar. Hard to imagine that our trip is almost over! This was one full day! We ate our breakfast and headed back into the Long Valley Caldera and into the resurgent dome. There we stopped at a rest stop in the trees. We took our morning quiz and then listened to a lecture by Erin on Glaciers and evidence of them. After learning about glaciers it was time to hit the road again and head back out of the Caldera. In the distances we could see Mono Lake. We made a stop at the visitor center and then headed to the lake. There we had a lecture on the lake, how the tufas were formed to why the lake is so low today, thanks again LA!! After the lecture a few very courageous people jumped into the lake! Then it was time to head to our next location up the road.

Our next stop was a bit windy as we climbed up the hill. From the top of the hill you could see across the valley flow, and the moraines coming out of the mountains. There Erin talked about Bloody Canyon and why we see two moraines, and why he thinks the one moraine curves at the bottom, O’Connor Moraine!! Then we turned around to hear Jeff talk about a Phano Crater, which was formed with magma hitting water and creating a huge volcanic pit, which later filled with a rhyolite dome. We headed to the dome, were we climbed around on obsidian and pumice… we are strong we can pick up big rocks of pumice! Covered in dust we headed back to the bus.

We took a drive to the June Lake Loop. So beautiful back there!! We took a quick lecture stop and looked at the beautiful hanging valleys. We drove on through the loop, looking at the pretty scenery. We stopped in the town of June Lake and looked at a huge boulder on perched on top of a hill, and learned how glaciers had carried it down from the high sierras. Then it was on to June Lake! A pretty lake, but very cold, as some of those who dared to jump in soon found out. After a quick swim spot, we loaded the bus and headed back to the highway, making our way back to camp as the sun set. Made it back to camp just as dinner was being served.

After dinner we had a little show, we got to see some of Tim’s videos that he was filming on the trip. I guess a special visitor wanted to see them too! A scorpion wandered into the area! After all the excitement was over we all headed for bed. Our last night camping.


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