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Eastern Sierras Trip October 9-12, 1997

Our first Integrated Physical Sciences Field Studies Course at AHC! Four days through Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills, Bishop, Mammoth, Convict Lake, Mono Lake, and Panum Craters!

Mono Lake from Panum CraterLecture at Panum Craters in Mono Basin

Mono LakeMono Lake Tufa Towers

Mono Lake chemistryDK demonstrates Mono Lake tuffa chemistry

Pumice at Panum CraterBill shows the group what pumice is

Pumice at Panum CraterLook how much stronger we are than Bill (above)!

Talk at Cinder Cone Lava FlowsPlate Tectonic wrap-up

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More pictures are soon to follow, so check back again soon!